Dealing with Weakness

I’m always likely to help weak people. For example, talking to them, giving some things and gathering information and so on. My parents told me when I was a child, “You are too kind. If you don’t stop doing such things, you will lose many things which you need to live.” But I didn’t understand what they meant because being kind to others was extremely natural to me, like taking a breath. That’s why, I can’t stop being kind to others even now.

By the way, some people are kind only to people who are rich or who have high social positions. When I see them, I always think it’s wasteful? Because most of the rich or people in high social positions become used to be being served by others and they don’t thank others for their kindness so much. I think it’s better for us to be kind to weak people such as poor people because they know the value of kindness and we can form bonds with them.

And, we sometimes have troubles or hard situations in our lives. We may be helped by poor people in such situations. We can get a lots of things by being with weakness. That’s why, I help weak people and make an effort to be with them.