A strategy as a weapon against prejudice and discrimination

Everyone knows prejudice and discrimination are not good. For example, sexual discriminations, racial discriminations and so on. And, there’re no people who want to be considered bad.

But, actually, there’re some people who have prejudices and discriminate against others.

Then, why do they have prejudice and make discriminations?

I suppose the cause is that some people find differences between others and themselves easily.

For example, some Japanese had prejudice and discriminated against Chinese and Korean around the World War 2. Many Japanese treated them as domestic animals, like cows and horses. If Japanese at the time had thought that Chinese and Koreans were human the same as Japanese, they couldn’t have prejudice and discriminate against them. But, actually, many Japanese at that time thought Chinese and Koreans were inferior to Japanese.

In short, I suppose many Japanese at that time believed there were a lot of differences between Japanese, and Chinese and Koreans.

I think there’re lots of the same cases in other situations, other eras and countries.

There are people who want to have prejudice and discriminate against others. But, if they have prejudice and discriminate without clear reasons, they will be considered as bad people.

What’s more, they can’t torment others because they feel a strong pain in their heart when they torment humans, like them. That’s why, people who want to have prejudice and discriminate claim that others are different from themselves and try to give their group reasons for prejudice and discrimination.

In this case, all reasons are okay.

For example, skin color, how to think and experiences.

All trivial things can be reasons for prejudice and discrimination, I think.

Then, how do we deal with these problems?

I think it’s useful for us not to focus on differences between others and ourselves.

If trivial differences cause us to have prejudice and discriminate, we had best not focus on differences between others and ourselves.

And, if there’re no differences, we will be able to regard others as human, the same as us. I think it’s not difficult for us, because we can escape from the trap of prejudice and discrimination by not thinking excessively.

It may be difficult for us to accept diversity.

But, it’s easy for us to stop thinking excessively. I think it’s such a simple strategy against prejudice and discrimination.