The Meaning of Farewell

In Japan, spring is the farewell season.

Many people leave familiar places and say farewell to familiar people to start their new lives.

Some people feel a farewell is so sad, and I think so, too. But, a farewell has another side.

After saying farewell to some people, a silent and calm time comes to us. In this time, I often think about memories with the person to whom I said farewell to.

There’re happy memories, and there’re sad memories, too.

And then, I sometimes find a new meaning for meeting and spending time with the person.

I also find out things that I couldn’t understand when I talked and spent time with the person.

We’re apt to lose sight of our relationship when we are absorbed in talking and spending time with them. But, we’ll be able to understand what meanings our relationship had, after saying farewell.

And then, we can get lots of hints for what comes next in our lives, I think.

I think we need a silent and calm time when we think about our lives. It’s good for us that we can have such a time in the bright and beautiful spring season in Japan, I think.

We must find out the meaning of our meeting each other. It may be the meaning of farewell. 0